To Sum Up ;)

Now, I’m writing from Tbilisi, Georgia. It’s about 12 pm here and 10 pm in Stockholm – really very beautiful capital. There are a lot to say about the days we spent in Sweden and about the experience we got there from the events (‘Start-up Day’, ‘Start-up Grind’, Ayond Innovation Evening) and from the people we were introduced to. The course really gave me deeper understanding of what does it mean to be entrepreneur, start-up. I also got valuable technical experience as I was participating in one of ayond’s best projects and time by time we were given also valuable presentations and tech talks from ayond stuff.

Visits to Stockholm University, KTH, DAC, various IT companies, start-up events where very interesting.

The people who maintained the course did their best – it was very well organised and we were paid a lot of attantion.

I’m thankful and happy to participate in the course. I added most of my new acquaintances on facebook and linkedin and I’m going to keep in touch with them.

I ask all of you to visit Georgia and when you do it to contact me definitely. I hope to see you again!

Hi from Ukraine :)

Now I’m back in home … It’s very sad that this three weeks have passed so quickly, but I’ ve learned a lot of interesting things about Stockholm and, first of all, how to do business from inside and how many companies work. We visited a lot of informative events, got acquainted with really interesting people in reputable companies, organisations and incubators: (links to companies): Stockholm University Innovation Centre, Decuria, Venture Cup, Savantic, Wrapp, KTH Innovation center, Digital Art Center.

It was a great time… I miss the ayond office and all people working there. That was a valuable experience for me! I enjoyed working with you!  Many thanks to Thomas, Christian, Owe, Andreas and Christer!

Back to home

Hi all from Georgia

Wonderful days in Stockholm have ended, feels like we lived there almost a year , but it was amazing three weeks only .we learned a lot about being entrepreneur and being part of big interesting different world.

Thank Ayond and SU for that opportunity, It means too much for us.
Hope our friendship will continue.

Goodbye all . I am missing you. :)))))



Home, sweet home!

We’re back home! Our trip was excellent, but weather in Lviv wasn’t so pleasant to us, It was raining))


Thank you for the opportunity to participate in an intership program at Ayond AB in Stockholm. This program gave me a better understanding how many companies are working.

We had visited university, organisations, companies and had so many interesting events. If we had had less meetings, It would be boring.

I enjoyed meeting you all. It was realy exciting to be in Stokholm. Also thank you for good recomendation.

Again, thank you for all. Everything was perfect!




DAC – Digital Art Center is  a public center that will highlight the interaction between creativity and new technology as an area of high priority for the future.

There was so many interesting things (games).  We tried most of them. My favourite is Mindball.


Mindball Game is developed from the prototype, Brainball, produced by The Interactive Institute. Mindball Game is a game where you compete in relaxing. The game is controlled with the players brainwaves that are picked up by sensors on a headband. The technology used is called EEG. The goal is to get the ball on the table to roll in the other players direction. The screen shows the players brainwaves during the game and wich one of the two players is the most relaxed. With the accessory Mindball Game Multiplayer you can also play three against three.

It was amazing  day for us. If  I could spend here all my time, I would do it!

Start-up Grind

Yesterday we visited Start-up Grind at Wrapp company. it was nice interior inside the building. we all were invited , of course tickets for us was ordered by Mr. Thomas.


At first we have lunch with beer, wine or just water. then the Start-up Grind started.


The leader of the night introduced Hjalmar Winbladhus, which was creator of the Wrapp company. He told audience about his life,  his start ups, fails, what to do and what not. also about his nowadays company, that it had bad Times, but now they are successful even more than they expected.

DSCN8408 DSCN8408a


Digital Art Center (DAC)

At first thank you for giving us chance to visit DAC!!

It was amazing “world” . First what i want to mention is mindball, the game, which feels like relaxation detector, rules of the game is to put around your head black belt and then when you are ready you can start the game. there is a table and one little ball, which will be moving through around the table. the most relaxed or focused person will win, by moving the ball with his/her mind to the opponent’s side.

Also there was  the rock for climbing, another game, where you can climb and play catching of  lighted up  climbers.

and a little strange thing which can  react on cloth,by butting on it some kind of cloth it starts making voices,so  we can use it as a music  in our cloth. Very interesting item for music lovers.


The last one is something which is not only picture in the box, when you get closer to this box, the picture of man   in front of you will look at you, and if you get even closer the man from the box will just fall down, there is no reason why, or I could not understand it :D :)))



Student inc (KTH)

Yesterday  in afternoon we went to KTH , where we knew that there was Student incubator and they had startup Pub – 4 student had made 3d scanner. with this scanner you can take pictures of rooms or anything else and it will be in 3d and by Special device you can be in this room, and look around. DSCN8278 DSCN8283

Welcome to Start-up Day!

On Saturday, we visited start-up day event held by Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. As I was told it’s one of the biggest events in Scandinavia. It was really very inspirational day for start-ups, for aspiring entrepreneur, for those who may whole night think about his Idea =)).
The day with about 700-800 participants started at 9 am with breakfast. Event was leaded by a talented guy and we welcomed the first speaker. They told us how they started, problems they encountered on their way, about importance of a good & motivated team… It was followed by coffee break activities and fast-food between long time speeches. Participants also get some sort of little gifts. I got earphones :). During the breaks you get to know many other ones as well and have interesting talks with them. This is the day where a lot of great start-up ideas are flying in your mind.
I found the event so much interesting, inspiring and helpful that I plan to visit it the next year with some of my friends!!!

SSES Start-up Day 2013

This gallery contains 4 photos.


Mr. Thomas got for us tickets to start-up day . You may not know what is start up day, well it is one of the major events for start-ups in Scandinavia, attracting an increasing number of founders, student entrepreneurs, international investors and media representatives. This is the place where you can knew true stories of entrepreneurship.

The day has started .This was long day.First was registration at 9 o’clock, after it breakfast. we met Christian and Per, also Georgian boy.


Than the Moderator kicks off the event was Jesper Ericsson.  First speaker who came on stage was Carl Waldecranz founder of  “tictail” (online smart store. check – ), he talk about how the idea of  “tictail”  was born and about team versus ideas, and what impact company culture has had when growing a vibrant community of 10 000 stores.DSCN8081DSCN8083



Second was Nicole Vanderbilt  who is UK and Nordics Country Manager for Etsy, she talked  about new approach to business where people-powered commerce represents a clear alternative to big-box, cookie-cutter retail.

Third was Chad Hamre, Founder and CEO of Ethical Ocean, will talk about ‘trying it all’ before finally finding ‘truly meaningful  work’ in building and scaling his own digital social enterprise.

All of them were very interesting as a speakers and as a start-up.  This was first part of day, we had a break time , with lunch and coffee.

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During April 2013 ayond will host an internship in collaboration with Stockholm University and the Swedish Institute. Our interns are Tamar, Levan, Galnya and Oleksiy who come from National University in L'viv, Ukraine and State University in Tblisi, Georgia.

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